What is a Bank Transit Number Canada? And How to Find Yours!

Have you ever tried to send or receive a bank wire transfer into your bank account but been told there is an error with the bank transit number?

That’s because it’s not just any random string of numbers.

bank transit number canada

Bank transit numbers have been around since 1911 and help banks keep track of transactions between customers at different financial institutions.

They allow for faster payments and transfers as well as reduced risk of fraud.

In this article, we’ll provide some background information on bank transit numbers and how you can find yours so that the next time you need one, you know where to look!

We have also added a list of Canadian banks’ transit numbers. Let’s get started!

What is a Bank Transit Number?

A bank transit number in Canada is a five-digit unique number that identifies your bank branch. The transit number is used by financial institutions to route money and process payments.

In Canada, banks and other financial institutions give their branches unique transit numbers. The bank transit number’s goal is to identify the bank name, branch, and relevant data about a specific bank account. 

Most people will have their bank transit number printed on their cheques, or they can find it by logging into their online banking account. If you’re not sure what your bank transit number is, read on!

In Canada, there are three primary components of an account information number:

  • Transit Number: The first five digits are the transit number, and it indicates the branch details. (It is different from the IBAN or account number).
  • Institution Number: The institution number is the following three numbers, which indicate the bank details.
  • Account Number: The unique account number is the last seven to twelve digits. (If you only have six digits and require a 7-digit number, add an extra “0” in front of it.) 

For example, if your transit number is 12345 and your bank’s institution number is 123, at the bottom of your cheque, you would see numbers that look like this: 12345 123 00000000.

All of these numbers are assigned to you when you create a bank account in Canada.

The final digit of the transit number typically indicates the branch’s geographical location. The following is the order of association:

  • YYYY0 – British Columbia and Yukon
  • YYYY1 – Western Quebec, including Montreal and its neighbouring area
  • YYYY2 – Southern Ontario, including Toronto and its neighbouring area
  • YYYY3 – Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, and Newfoundland
  • YYYY4 – New Brunswick
  • YYYY5 – Labrador and Eastern Quebec
  • YYYY6 – Eastern Ontario, including Ottawa and neighbouring area
  • YYYY7 – North-western Ontario and Manitoba
  • YYYY8 – Saskatchewan
  • YYYY9 – Alberta, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories

Transit numbers are an important part of the banking system, and if you’re ever asked for one, it’s important that you provide the correct information.

Getting the transit number wrong can result in payments being delayed or even lost, so it’s worth taking a few minutes to double-check before you send anything off.

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Financial Institution Number

The institution number is a three-digit code that identifies a specific bank or financial institution.

A list of institution numbers for major Canadian financial institutions is provided in the table below.

Canadian Banks Financial Institution Number

BankFinancial Institution
Bank of Montreal001
Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)002
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)003
Toronto-Dominion Bank – TD Bank (operating as TD Canada Trust)004
National Bank of Canada006
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce – CIBC (including Simplii Financial)010
HSBC Canada016
Canadian Western Bank030
Laurentian Bank of Canada039
Government of Canada117
Canada Post (money orders)127
Bank of Canada (Canadian central bank)177
ATB Financial219
MUFG Bank, Canada Branch245
Citibank Canada260
Mega International Commercial Bank Canada269
JPMorgan Chase Bank, N.A. (Toronto Branch)270
Bank of China (Canada)308
Vancity Community Investment Bank309
First Nations Bank of Canada310
CTBC Bank (Canada)315
President’s Choice Bank320
Canadian Tire Bank338
ICICI Bank Canada340
Digital Commerce Bank352
The Canada Trust Company (for accounts opened before the TD & Canada Trust merger)509
Manulife Bank540
CS Alterna Bank608
Tangerine Bank 614
B2B Bank618
Equitable Bank (includes EQ Bank)623
Central 1 Credit Union member institutions in British Columbia809
Caisses Desjardins du Québec815
Caisses populaires Desjardins du Manitoba819
Central 1 Credit Union member institutions in Ontario828
Caisses populaires Desjardins de l’Ontario829
Meridian Credit Union837
Credit Union Heritage (Nova Scotia)839
Alterna Savings and Credit Union842
Caisses populaires Desjardins acadiennes865
Credit Union Central of Manitoba member institutions879
Credit Union Central of Saskatchewan (SaskCentral) member institutions889
Credit Union Central of Alberta member institutions899

So, for example, a number YYYY4-004 indicates that the account is held at a branch of TD Bank in New Brunswick.

Keep in mind that the bank’s transit number and institution number are only unique to the bank. As a result, if your friend and you both opened a chequing account at the same bank branch, there’s a good chance you’ll share the same routing number on your cheques. The primary distinction is simply your account number.


  • If your bank account transit number is only four digits long, add a zero in front of it. For example, Branch 1211 is 01211.
  • If your account number has only nine digits, but a form necessitates eleven, simply add two zeros at the front. For example, 00123456789 is equal to 123456789.

Why is Bank Transit Number Important in Canada?

The transit number is used to identify and obtain all of the information regarding a bank’s branch. Banks use the transit number to identify the branch where their customers open accounts quickly.

This is a noteworthy number as it makes it simple for banks and customers to manage their account information and swiftly transfer their details.

For example, if a user wishes to send someone their account number for a particular transaction, the bank can more easily find out where the account is located.

Users also simply give their account information in the form of a number. As a result, it’s fair to say that transit numbers were created to conduct transactions, such as bank account transfers. It ensures that the money is sent to the correct location. 

Every component of a routing number, including the transit number, has the same goal: to properly locate clients’ bank accounts.

When a business or an individual wants to conduct a transaction, such as transfer or receive money, they must provide both the branch transit number and bank account number.

The transit number is also crucial for international transactions. Global money transfers, like wire transfers, use this number to locate the Canadian account correctly.

How to Find Bank Transit Number?

You can obtain your five-digit transit number in Canada in a variety of ways.

Option 1. Find bank transit number on cheque: On the bottom left corner of your chequebook, you should see a 5-digit transit number printed. It’s written on the lower portion of the chequebook, along with the institution number and account number. 

The following image shows where to find the bank transit number on a cheque.

Bank Transit Number
Source: Wise

Option 2. Log into your online banking: By logging in to online banking, you’ll be able to find your account, institution, and transit number.

Option 3. On your bank statement or deposit slip: Typically, the transit number is on your bank statement or deposit slip.

Option 4. Contact your financial institution: If you’re still unable to find it, don’t hesitate to contact your financial institution directly for more information and ensure you have all of your account details.

Option 5. Visit your local bank in person to get the information.

Option 6. Locate the transit number in the lists below. The following tables show a list of some of the major Canadian banks and their routing transit numbers.

List of Routing Transit Numbers for Major Banks in Canada

TD Bank Transit Number

TD Bank Transit Number

Routing number (ETF)Transit numberBranchAddressCityProvince
00040001200012London Clarence220 Dundas StreetLondonON
00040002200022St Thomas Main1063 Talbot Street Unit 85St ThomasON
00040003800038Hamilton St & 12th1904 Hamilton St.ReginaSK
00040004200042London Talbot220 Dundas StreetLondonON
00040005700057TD Centre Branch201 Portage AveWinnipegMB
00040006900069Edmonton Centre10205 101 StEdmontonAB
00040007200072Ouellete & Wyandotte596 Ouellette AvenueWindsorON
00040008200082London Clarence220 Dundas StLondonON
00040007200072London Clarence220 Dundas StreetLondonON
00040014000140Eaton Centre Mall1080 Douglas StVictoriaBC
00040015200152Hamilton Main46 King St. E.HamiltonON
00040017100171Mtl.Rene-Levesque, 800 Boul Rene-Levesque WestMontrealQC
00040020900209Calgary TD Square317 7th Avenue SWCalgaryAB
RBC Royal Bank Transit Number

RBC Royal Bank Transit Number

Routing numberTransit numberBranchAddressCityProvince
00030137201372Kings Heights Branch1000 Market St SEAirdrieAB
00030031900319Airdrie Branch100 Main St NEAirdrieAB
00030203902039Bayside Village Shopping Centre Br800 Yankee Valley Blvd SW-Unit 325, 800 Yankee Valley Blvd SWAirdrieAB
00030011900119Alix Branch4849 50th St, c/o Stettler BrAlixAB
00030128801288Beaumont Branch6304 50th StreetBeaumontAB
00030110901109Crowsnest Pass Branch12713 20th Ave-PO Box 480, P.O. Box 480BlairmoreAB
00030111901119Bonnyville Branch5028 50th Ave-Unit 104-PO Box 6188, PO Box 6188BonnyvilleAB
00030143901439Brooks Branch220 2nd St W-PO Box 40, 220 2nd St WBrooksAB
00030111901119Kings Heights Branch1000 Market St SEAirdrieAB
00030693906939WPG Mb-MREP SALES MGR-A1550 St Marys Rd, 1550 St Marys Rd.CalgaryAB
00030990209902Aboriginal Markets Sask-Resp Report705 Central AveCalgaryAB
00030216902169Village Square Shopping Centre Br2640 52nd St NE-Unit 100, 2640 52nd St NECalgaryAB
00030439004390Cal-Dealer Loans-c/o Village Sq2640 52nd St NE-Unit 100, 1499 West Broadway StCalgaryAB
BMO Bank of Montreal Bank Transit Number

BMO Bank of Montreal Bank Transit Number

Routing numberTransit number BranchAddressCityProvince
00012682926829101 Crowfoot Way NW101 Crowfoot Way NWCalgaryAB
00010522905229Centre 509821-50th StreetEdmontonAB
00010807008070Willowbrook#9-6233 200th StreetLangleyBC
000127390273906088 No. 3 Road6088 No. 3 RoadRichmondBC
00012602726027Inkster Blvd at Main St1468 Main St.WinnipegMB
000102333023336980 Mumford Rd.6980 Mumford Rd.HalifaxNS
00013053230532Cambridge Main44 Main StreetCambridgeON
0001291622916242 Bath Rd.42 Bath Rd.KingstonON
00013053230532101 Crowfoot Way NW101 Crowfoot Way NWCalgaryAB
00013858238582BMO Financial Group Centre6605 Hurontario St., Unit 100MississaugaON
00013914239142Support Services234 Simcoe StreetTorontoON
000102541025412140Boul. LapiniereBrossardQC
000121211212117275 rue Sherbrooke Est.7275 rue Sherbrooke Est.MontrealQC
Scotiabank Transit Number

Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank) Transit Number

Routing numberTransit numberBranchAddressCityProvince
00028134981349SaddleridgeUnit 32-850 Saddletowne Circle NECalgaryAB
00026309963099Belmont13540 Victoria Trail NWEdmontonAB
00024014740147Windsor Park Shop. Ctre664 Elizabeth RoadWinnipegMB
00021108011080Burrard and Nelson970 Burrard St.VancouverBC
00025281152811Centre d’Achats Van Horne4861 Van Horne AvenueMontrealQC
00028245382453Scotia Trust – Halifax1709 Hollis St 5th Fl PO Box 457HalifaxNS
00020155201552Queen & River543 Queen Street EastTorontoON
00028439284392Dixie & Eglinton4900 Dixie RoadMississaugaON
00020155201552SaddleridgeUnit 32-850 Saddletowne Circle NECalgaryAB
00022169121691Quartier DIX307240 Boul. du Quartier Suite 5BrossardQC
0002507085070821st & 4th Avenue South119 4th Ave SouthSaskatoonSK
00029080390803Montague552 Main Street, PO Box 160MontaguePE
00022435624356Central Mortgage Unit10 Wright Blvd.StratfordON
CIBC Bank Transit Number

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) Bank Transit Number

Routing numberTransit NumberBranchAddressCityProvince
00100172901729Airdrie Main Banking Centre301-121 Main St SWAirdrieAB
00100027900279Athabasca Banking Centre4819-50th St.AthabascaAB
00100050900509Forest Lawn Banking Centre3619 17th Ave. S.E.CalgaryAB
00100057900579Camrose Banking Centre4901-50th StCamroseAB
001008069080698207-112th St.(College Plaza), 8207-112th St.EdmontonAB
0010048100481010th & Sasamat Banking Centre4489 West 10th Ave.VancouverBC
00100092700927Southdale Banking Centre35 Lakewood Blvd.WinnipegMB
00100375203752Ayr Banking Centre63 Stanley St.AyrON
00100092700927Airdrie Main Banking Centre301-121 Main St SWAirdrieAB
00100515205152McLaughlin and Ray Lawson499 Ray Lawson Blvd.BramptonON
00100998209982St. Clair & McNaughton Banking CTR424 St. Clair StreetChathamON
00100132201322Westwood Square Banking Centre7185 Goreway DriveMississaugaON
00100020600206Carlingwood Banking Centre2121 Carling AveOttawaON

Use CIBC’s bank code search tool to find SWIFT Codes, BIC Codes and other Bank Codes to send money internationally from Canada.

National Bank Transit Number

National Bank Transit Number

Routing numberTransit numberBranchAddressCityProvince
00064812148121CTD/Intria Calgary6759, 9TH STREET N.W.CalgaryAB
00061820118201G.E. Capital1113 Baker Street #220CranbrookBC
00060505100967BRANCH PHY CLOSED 05051179 Provencher Blvd, P.O. Box 250WinnipegMB
00060386103861Ctre de Prets Etudiants B.N.C.4th Floor-110 Matheson Blvd West, 481 University Bureau 600MississaugaON
00061154111541SUCCURSALE 11541120 RoseberryCampbelltonNB
00060874108741BRANCH PHY CLOSED 08741423, Georges St. N.PeterboroughON
00060772207721SUCC FERME PHY 07722CP.120-84 rue PrincipaleBedfordQC
00061155111551SUCCURSALE 11551432 Racine estChicoutimiQC
00060772207721CTD/Intria Calgary6759, 9TH STREET N.W.CalgaryAB
00060186301861SUCC FERME PHY 018635100 Beaubien E.MontrealQC
000603921039212600Bl. Laurier Bur. 260QuebecQC
00060919109191Alliance Super Marche54-100 boul BrienRepentignyQC
00061378113781SUCC FERME PHY 137811800 King OuestSherbrookeQC
Tangerine Bank Transit Number

Tangerine Bank Transit Number

Routing NumberTransit NumberBranchAddressCityProvince
061400052000523389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061400102001023389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061400152001523389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061400312003123389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061400322003223389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
06140056200562TANGERINE BANK3389 STEELES AVE ETorontoON
061400612006123389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061403002030023389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061410112101123389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061410122101223389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061410252102523389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
061410372103723389 Steeles Ave ENorth YorkTorontoON
061410412104123389 Steeles Ave ETorontoON
EQ Bank Transit Number

EQ Bank Transit Number

Routing NumberTransit NumberBranchAddressCityProvince
0623000121968230 St. Clair Ave W. Ste 70030 St. Clair Ave W. Ste 700TorontoON
0623700021968230 ST. Clair Ave W. Ste 70030 ST. Clair Ave W. Ste 700TorontoON
06238000219682700-30 St. Clair Avenue West700-30 St. Clair Avenue WestTorontoON

What is a Routing Number in Canada?

When you combine the transit number with the institution number, it makes a routing number

Routing numbers appear on cheques, bank drafts, invoices, and other financial documents. There are two different formats to routing numbers:

  • Paper Transactions Routing Numbers (MICR): BBBBB-AAA
  • Electronic Transactions Routing Numbers (ETF): 0AAABBBBB

Where AAA is the institution number, and BBBBB is the transit number.

For example, if Bank’s routing number is 26011-245, the institution number is 245, and the transit number is 26011.

FAQs: Bank Transit Number

What is my bank transit number? 

Your bank transit number is a five digits number that indicates the branch where you opened your account at. It is usually located in the bottom corner of a cheque or bank draft. 

Is bank transit number unique?

Yes, a bank transit number is unique to each branch of a financial institution for identification. The final digit of the transit number indicates the branch’s geographical location.

How many digits is a transit number? 

A transit number is five digits long. However, if you only have four digits in your bank transit number, simply add a zero in front of it. 

Is a transit number a routing number?

No, a routing number in Canada is different from a transit number. For Canadian banks, the Routing number is an 8-or 9-digit number comprised of the Institution number and the Transit number. Routing numbers are shown on cheques, bank drafts, invoices, and other financial papers.

The two distinct formats for routing numbers are:
• Electronic Transactions Routing Numbers (ETF): 0AAABBBBB
• Paper Transactions Routing Numbers (MICR): BBBBB-AAA
Where AAA is the institution number, and BBBBB is the transit number.

How do I find my bank’s transit number?

You can find your bank transit number in numerous places: on your chequebook, bank statement, deposit slips, or by logging into your online banking to access it. However, if you cannot find this information anywhere, contact your bank directly for more information.

Bottom Line: Bank Transit Number Canada

Our financial system requires bank transit numbers. Thousands of transactions occur every day, and banks require a mechanism to identify one another quickly.

Thanks to these five-digit transit numbers, we can take advantage of services like direct deposit and online transfers conveniently.

Now that you’ve completed this article, the next time you’re asked for a bank transit number, you’ll know what to provide and where to look.

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