How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner in Canada: Spoiler! An Online Will is the Answer

Dogs can make for great companions.

They don’t just bring you joy; they also require a lot of responsibility and care when it comes to their well-being.


Dogs are more than pets; they’re family members that deserve the same protection as any other person in your life would have.

That’s why making sure your pup is covered by creating or updating your Will should be near the top of your list of priorities.

Having a last Will and testament is essential for every responsible dog owner!

Why Every Dog Owner Needs a Will: Legacy Planning for Your Fur Babies

Every dog owner should have a Will.

Whether you are looking to provide for your fur babies after you die or want the peace of mind knowing that your wishes for how they live out their days are fulfilled, there are several reasons why every dog owner needs a Will.

This article is designed to educate and inform about how important it can be to include dogs in last Wills and testaments and how easy it can be with one of the best online Will services in Canada.

How to Be a Responsible Dog Owner: Who Will Be Your Dog’s Guardian?

Statistically, 46% of pet owners do not have a will. This does not mean that they are not responsible pet owners. It means that they just haven’t thought about preparing for what will happen if they die.

Preparing a Will is an excellent way to plan for the future and provide peace of mind for your loved ones. Without one, your wishes cannot be carried out regardless of how important you believe it is.

Allocating funds to your dog in a Will is also an excellent way of providing comfort, care, and stability for them in the long term.

Dog ownership is no day in the park. There are many responsibilities and financial burdens to take on, not to mention that there’s nothing set in stone that close friends or family members will be able to take on these responsibilities indefinitely as they have their own lives as well.

What does having a Will do for you and your dog?

Formally and legally appointing someone to care for your pup can give them the love, attention, security, and standard of living they deserve.

Ask yourself these questions before choosing an appropriate Pet Guardian:

  • Is this person physically able to handle my pet’s needs?
  • Are they financially able?
  • Does their lifestyle fit the needs of my dog? For instance, do they have children, and if not, do they plan on having kids? Can my pup get along with kids if that is the case?
  • Does the potential guardian already know my furry companion well enough?

In the eyes of the law, pets are considered “property.” This means that we technically leave them to a beneficiary when it comes time for our estate planning.

But as most pet owners can attest, there is no way you’re going to refer to your doggie family member like they’re just another piece of furniture or something else inanimate. Instead, they deserve a special title: guardian!

You will need to have an honest conversation with the person you would like to be your pet guardian. Let them know what is expected of their role and make sure they are committed before including them in your Will.

Be a Responsible Dog Owner: Create or Update Your Will with a Monetary Legacy for Your Dog

Pets are considered property, so a Will can’t leave them any inheritance. It may be hard to imagine not being able to leave your loved one an inheritance.

But the good news is that if you want your pets taken care of after death, then there are some things you can use in your Will. For instance, leaving a monetary gift to their guardian, so they aren’t left with any financial burden in caring for your dog such as food, medical expenses, and more.

You may not have thought of leaving money for your dog’s guardian in a Will, but it’s well worth considering. Two-fifths of people who left any kind of legacy did so intending to provide their pet’s guardian with some financial stability.

It is essential to consider what your dog is going to need when you pass on. The cost of your dog’s food and vet visits can quickly add up – so think about how much money would be the right amount to leave for your pet guardian.

Things like your pet’s favourite toys or bedding will make their life more enjoyable as well! Also, think ahead by considering that they may need dog walkers in the future.

A Will is the only legal way to document a monetary legacy for your dog. If you’re not around, they can maintain their quality of life without any worries or responsibilities on anyone else’s part.

Pet Parent Power: Be a Responsible Dog Owner by Putting a Will in Place

The excitement of getting a new puppy is quickly followed by realizing that there are so many decisions to make. It can be overwhelming!

Most people who get pups run around getting pee pads, toys, scheduling training classes with trainers – the list goes on! While you’re running on adrenaline mode, though, isn’t it also time to think about your pup’s future?

It’s vital to consider taking care of one crucial thing: updating (or making) your Will to include your new bundle of joy to ensure that they are fully protected if something should happen.

If you have been procrastinating about the prospect of making a Will, it may be time to get started. Creating an accurate and legal Will online is now affordable for any budget! The Finance Key recommends Epilogue Wills.

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Last Will and Testament Made Easy (for the Internet Age)

Online Will, Canada: Top Reasons Why They Are Suitable for You

Many people believe that they need to hire a lawyer to make their Will. However, as long as you do it right, you don’t need one! The good news is anyone who needs a basic Will can quickly and easily complete one online without relying on expensive legal services.

With the help of an online Will, anyone can make a basic Will without needing to hire any legal counsel. This is especially beneficial for those on tight budgets and who want to get their affairs in order quickly and easily.

Let Epilogue help you make a legally binding Will online in approximately 20 minutes.

An online Will estate planning platform offers many benefits, including:

1. Affordability

The cost of making a Will through an online Will service provider is much lower than the costs associated with hiring a lawyer to make one for you. You get lawyer-quality Wills at a fraction of the cost.

2. Speed

They are fast and easy to complete: you only need 20 minutes from start to finish! Plus, there’s no need for travel or taking time off work -you do it at home in your PJs with cold pizza on your lap (we’re not judging).

3. Reliability

Online platforms come equipped with detailed signing instructions to ensure your Will gets done correctly and is legally binding. Everything is much clearer too. Unlike traditional methods, you don’t feel pressured to review or complete documents within a lotted scheduled meeting time.

4. Free Updates

Most online estate planning platforms offer unlimited free updates with most packages at no additional cost! With this one simple feature alone, who wouldn’t want to go digital?

Online Will, Canada: Why They Might not be Suitable for You

Online Wills are not suitable for everyone.

Some situations, like having children from multiple marriages or complex tax requirements, can make it more complicated if this sounds like you, then consult with an estate planning lawyer.

If you’re interested in learning more about online Wills, check out Epilogue.

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Final Words: Be a Responsible Dog Owner

If you currently have a dog or are considering getting one soon, it’s essential to consider what would happen if the unthinkable happened. Dogs can be left in shelters when their owners pass away, and the guardian cannot take them in.

This article has covered some of the reasons why every dog owner should make provisions for their canine companions by creating a Will that includes them in your last wishes.

It also discussed how an online Will might be right for you because they offer many benefits over traditional methods, such as greater convenience with faster turnaround times at lower cost than attorneys.

Finally, we hope you’ll be a responsible dog owner and create or update your Will to include your fur babies.

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