Top 10 Best Business Bank Account in Canada (plus Small Business Options)

What is the best business bank account Canada has?

This is a question many Canadian small business owners ask themselves when they are trying to find the best business account to operate their businesses.

There are many options out there, and it can be hard to know which one will work best for you. This article will review the top 10 banks from across Canada that offer great rates and benefits tailored specifically for businesses!

Quick Overview: Best Business Bank Accounts at Canada’s Big-Five Banks

Business chequing accounts options76543
Monthly fees$6 – $120$0 –$0 – $125$0 – $65$0 – $100
Ability to waive the monthly feeSome accountsSome accountsMost accountsMost accountsTop tier accounts
Business savings accountYes, 4 Options.YesYesYes, 1 Option.Yes
Business savings account rate0.55%0.5%0.4%0.20% to 0.30%.
Based on the daily closing balance.
Business debit card typeInterac + VisaInterac + MastercardInteracInteracInterac only
Business CAD credit card options6 cards4 cards4 cards6 cards5 cards
Business CAD No-FX transaction credit cardYesNoNoNoNo
US Dollar business current accountNoYesYesYes.
$6 USD monthly fee.
No free transactions: $1 per self-service. $1.25 per full-service.
$9 USD monthly fee.
No free transactions: $ per
Business USD credit cardNoNoNoYesYes
Not-for-Profit/Charity or Community Operating AccountYes.
$3 monthly fee.
$0 or $4 monthly fee.
Farmers/Agriculture AccountYes.
$25 monthly fee.
Farmers/AgriInvest AccountYes.
No monthly fees.
No monthly fees.

Best Small Business Bank Account in Canada → Wise (formerly TransferWise) Business Account


✔ Best online business account in Canada
✔ No monthly fees with no minimum balance requirements
✔ The only business account you need to go global
✔ 50+ currencies available
✔ Low-cost international money transfers
✔ Borderless (Multi-currency) Visa business debit card
✔ FINTRAC regulated, so your money is always safe
✔ Perfect for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and businesses that hire employees from other countries

What is a Business Bank Account?

A business bank account helps the business owner keep business and personal finances separate. It is a way for business owners to manage their company finances without worrying about them conflicting with personal matters. 

The amount of service varies between accounts. Some options charge higher fees but give you many perks as compensation for the increased cost. Others come packed with lower or no fees, depending on your processing needs.

A small business bank account is like a personal account, but it’s for the company instead of the individual. 

Generally, a business account can be useful for day-to-day salary and expense needs or to save up before making a large purchase. You can also take advantage of special features such as business lines of credit, business overdraft protection, premium credit cards, and priority services.

Similarities and Differences Between Personal and Business Bank Accounts

best business bank account canada


Safety: Personal and business bank accounts provide an equally safe location to store your funds while remaining accessible enough to avoid carrying around large sums of cash.

Making Payments: Both bank accounts offer the option of writing cheques or using a debit card. This is important for a business bank account as it ensures you can keep track of your transactions and be mindful when tax season comes around.

Deposits: Banks typically accept deposits in person, electronically, and through a phone app.

Work Online: Like personal accounts, business bank accounts also support online banking and banking apps. So, you can monitor your current balance at any time and set up automatic payments through a computer, mobile device, or web page.


Higher Fees and Restrictions: Business banking accounts may carry more fees and restrictions than personal accounts. Business account holders often need to maintain a minimum balance and limit the number of transactions per month. Personal accounts, meanwhile, won’t have this requirement.

More Paperwork: Opening a business bank account will require additional documents and details that are not needed with a personal account. We consider this an advantage because it makes tracking your finances more intuitive. To avoid any penalties, ensure you disclose all the necessary information to the CRA when opening an account.

Why Do You Need a Business Bank Account?

In certain situations, people can do their business without needing a separate bank account. For example, if you have a sole proprietorship with minimal transactions related to business, holding your personal and business finances in the same bank account is possible.

You’d just have to make sure you keep good records to track your business income and personal income. However, if you need to make regular purchases of inventory or own property such as cars that need regular maintenance, it is easier to have separate accounts.

With a business account, you can decide whether employees can write checks or use debit cards with business funds. You would not want anyone to access your personal bank information, but you could easily manage this if you kept it in a separate account.

If you have incorporated your business, you must set up a separate bank account for funds and transactions specific to your company.

Benefits and Downsides of a Business Bank Account

Benefits of a Business Account

Building Credibility:

The best way to improve your business’ credibility is to have cheques and a debit card with the business name on it, and have them be in a separate business account. This will make any organization more comfortable making transactions with your business by sending money to an account with the company’s name on it rather than a personal account.

It Portrays Seriousness:

A separate business account will convey the seriousness of your further business endeavours to those you do business with. Some may consider that your current pursuit is a side-hustle or hobby if all finances are on your personal account.

Easy Accounting:

It is much easier to manage your personal and business finances when you have designated a different account for each.

Easier Purchasing and Payroll:

Businesses have to worry about tasks like paying employees and purchasing inventory which can be tricky from a personal bank account. Having a business bank account makes it easier to do these things.

Employee Access:

If you need to grant your employees access to the business account, the process is easy. You can either allow them to write cheques or use debit cards and set spending limits for the amount they can spend per transaction.

Building Credit:

While personal credit is important, having a business credit rating will make it easier for your company to receive loans or financing. With a separate business bank account, you will find it easier to build up a credit score for the business.

Keep your Personal Finances Separate:

When you create a financial account specifically for your business, this can help protect your personal finances should the company become involved in lawsuits.

Expanding Your Business:

If you already have a business bank account, it will be easier to get larger loans or credit for your company.

Straightforward Tax Calculations:

You can save yourself a lot of work with CRA by having two different bank accounts. The charges and income associated with your business are easier for the CRA to understand when they are separate from your personal finances.

Full Range of Online Banking Services:

Your business account will offer you online, mobile, and other e-services like you’d get with a personal account.

Special Benefits:

Some banks offer special features and perks to business owners that open a business account, such as discounts on payroll generation, automatic bill payments, or access to a personal loan officer whose specialty is business loans.

Downsides of a Business Account

More Documentation Needed:

Opening a business bank account requires more documentation than opening a personal account.

Higher Fees:

There is a higher fee level generally associated with business accounts. However, there are still some simple and low-fee options for those who perform minimal transactions on their account each month.

Minimum Balance Requirement:

A few Canadian banks require a minimum balance on their business account, which can be an issue for small businesses that are just getting off the ground and don’t have any significant income yet. Most banks, however, do offer at least one account with no minimum balance requirement.


Some banks impose monthly limits on transactions, such as deposits and payments. If your business has this type of limitation, you’ll want to shop around at other banks to find one that can support it. Excess transactions usually incur individual fees.

Works As a Business Asset:

If you have a separate business account, legally, it becomes an asset of the business and not your person. Should you need to sell the business, the bank account will be sold with everything else, which may not be favourable for personal reasons.

Documentation Required to Open a Business Bank Account in Canada

The documentation you will need to open a business account in Canada will depend on your type of business. The following is a summary of what you will need.

Sole Proprietorship:

  • A photo ID
  • Government-issued document to verify your identity
  • Any business licenses needed to operate your sole proprietorship for tax purposes.


  • Your registered trade name
  • The legal paperwork regarding the partnership
  • A photo ID
  • Government-issued documents for tax purposes and to verify identity


  • Your articles of incorporation
  • Your business number for tax purposes
  • Any business licenses needed to operate 
  • IDs for the corporation’s signing authorities
  • Certificates of existence and compliance

For complete and up-to-date information on the documentation required, we recommend you check with the specific financial institution that you are interested in.

Costs of Opening a Business Bank Account in Canada

Some banks may charge a fee for opening an account, but this is not typical.

You may need to carry a minimum balance in the business bank account upon opening it, so be prepared when you open your account to have that amount available immediately.

Finally, obtaining the necessary documents might add some costs to your business account setup. 

In-Depth Review of The Best Business Bank Accounts in Canada

1. Bank of Nova Scotia (Scotiabank)

Scotiabank offers access to multiple business banking accounts depending on your needs. Although fee structures are slightly higher than its competitors, Scotiabank waives fees for accounts with lower balances. Online banking features are all integrated into the business accounts.

Scotiabank is currently the only bank in Canada that offers a No Foreign Transaction Fee business credit card (Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Business Card). They will not charge you a foreign transaction fee on foreign currency purchases whether you make them online or outside of Canada. Only the exchange rate will continue to apply. It has a $199 annual fee.

To apply for the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Business Card you must declare that you meet  at least one of the following requirements:

  • You have a minimum business annual sales revenue of CAD $500,000,
  • You have at least $60,000 in personal annual income,
  • You spend at least $30,000 annually on your credit card,
  • You have a least $100,000 in annual household income, or
  • You have at least $250,000 in assets under management.

Best Small Business Bank Account Options

Right Size Account

The account has a $6 monthly fee, charges for monthly transactions, and no minimum balance requirement.

Scotiabank Basic Business Account

The Scotia Bank Basic Business Account has a $10.95 monthly fee that is waived if you maintain a minimum monthly balance of $8,000. The account also offers one free transaction for every $1,500  in the account.

Additional transactions are charged on a pay-per-use basis. For example, each check or branch deposit costs $1.25. This account is available as a Canadian or U.S. dollar account.

Higher Volume Business bank Account Options

Select Account A

It has an $18 monthly fee unless you have a $15,000 balance on your account. You’ll also be allowed to perform 25 transactions and 50 deposits per month.

Select Account B

The monthly fee is $35 (unless you have a balance of $30,000, in which case Scotiabank waives the fee), and you are allotted up to 70 transactions and 60 deposits each month.

Select Account C

That bank account charges a monthly fee of $70 but offers 125 transactions per month and 85 deposits. The monthly fee is waived if you maintain a minimum of $40,000 in the account.

Select Account Unlimited

The monthly fee is $120 (unless you have more than $65,000 in your account, at which point the fee is waived). Monthly transactions and deposits are unlimited.

Other Scotiabank Business Account Options:

Professional Plan Plus: It has a $38, allows 110 transactions each month,  and has no minimum balance requirement.

Business Investment Account: This account has individual transaction fees instead of a monthly fee and offers a higher interest rate than that offered through Scotiabank’s business chequing accounts on a balance of $25,000 or more.

Business Savings Account

  1. Right Size Savings for business.
  2. Dual Rate Investment Account.
  3. Business Investment Account.
  4. Crowd Deposit Plan.

Scotiabank Business Savings Account

  • Rate: 0.20% to 0.35%
  • Minimum balance required: $10,000
  • Maximum balance required: $2,000,000
  • Fees: Zero monthly account fee; other fees may apply

Scotiabank’s Right Size Savings for Business

This account provides a tiered interest rate of up to 0.35%. To earn interest, you must maintain at least $10,000 in the account.

  • $10,000 – $99,999: 0.2%
  • $100,000 – $199,999: 0.25%
  • $200,000 -$999,999: 0.30%
  • $1-$2 million: 0.35%

Note: This account charges a fee per transaction this way: 1-15 transactions ($1.25 each); 16-50 transactions ($1.15 each); and 51plus transactions ($1.00 each).

Scotiabank Online Banking


Users can view account details, pay bills, transfer funds, pay employees, and send and receive wire transfers, all digitally.

Mobile Banking for Business:

Users can view balances and statements, make bill payments and handle account transfers through a mobile format.

I got the Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Business Credit Card ($199 annual fee) as I pay for a lot of goods and services in US Dollar, and it is currently the only business credit card in Canada that offers no FX fee.


2. TD Bank

To help you get the features your business needs, TD Bank offers multiple types of bank accounts. Calculate how many transactions you are expected to do monthly and see which type of account matches your number.

Best Small Business Bank Account Options

TD Basic Business Plan 

The Basic Business Account has a $5.00 monthly fee and five free transactions and deposits per month. After the first five free transactions, each transaction is $1.25, and each deposit item is $0.22. The cash deposit fee is $2.50 for every $1,000

TD Every-Day Business Plan A

This bank account has a $19 monthly fee but is waived if you have a balance of at least $20,000. It also allows 20 monthly transactions and 50 deposits per month.

Higher Volume Business Bank Account Options

TD Everyday Business Plan B

It charges a $39 monthly fee and has a monthly limit of 60 transactions and 50 deposits. The monthly fee is waived with a $35,000 monthly fee.

TD Everyday Business Plan C

This account’s monthly fee is $72, which is waived if you have a balance of $45,000 or more. You can make up to 120 transactions and deposit up to 50 times per month.

TD Unlimited Business Plan

This bank account has a monthly fee of $125 (unless you have a $65,000 balance or more, upon which TD will waive the monthly fee). You can also make unlimited transactions and deposits per month.

TD Business Savings Account

Business Savings Account

The TD Business Savings Account charges transaction fees for transactions but has no minimum monthly balance opening requirement. Furthermore, the account pays a slightly higher interest rate than that offered to business chequing accounts.

TD Online Banking

TD offers online and mobile banking services to their small-business clients. While TD does not have a specific digital account, some monthly e-transfer limits can be made through Interac.

3. Bank of Montreal (BMO)


One of Canada’s most well-known banks, BMO has various banking options for businesses, including specialty accounts to accommodate your business needs. 

The downside is that these accounts have a higher monthly fee than some competitor options. However, they allow more transactions than most competitors. You can also switch to any of the business accounts at any time without incurring any associated fees.

Best Small Business Bank Account Options

BMO Business Start Bank Account

  • No minimum balance required
  • $6 monthly fee
  • Seven free transactions a month. After the limit, the fees are $0.60 per electronic transaction, $1.25 per check, and $2.25 per $1,000 deposited8.

Business Builder 1

It charges a monthly fee of $22.50, offers 35 transactions per month, and has no minimum monthly balance requirement.

Business Builder 2

The monthly fee is $45. it allows 70 monthly transactions and has no minimum monthly balance requirement.

BMO High Volume Business Account Options

Business Builder 3

The monthly fee is $80 unless you have a balance of more than $35,000, at which point the fee will be waived.

This account allows 120 transactions per month and requires no minimum monthly balance.

Business Builder 4

The monthly fee is $120 unless you have a balance of more than $80,000, at which point BMO waives the fee. The account also allows 160 transactions per month and has no minimum monthly balance requirement.

BMO Business Savings Account

Business Premium Rate Savings Account: 

The account charges individual transaction fees and not a monthly fee. The interest rate paid is slightly higher than that offered through BMO’s business chequing accounts.

BMO Online Banking

BMO online business banking eBusiness plan is the best account at the big banks, as it has zero fees.

eBusiness Plan:

This online-only account offers unlimited electronic transactions, no monthly fees, and requires no minimum balance.

Many BMO business accounts come with free transactions through Moneris, a digital payment processing service. You can avoid some fees by banking online with these accounts listed above, as some online transactions won’t count toward the monthly limit.

4. Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)


Compared to other physical banks, Royal Bank of Canada is straightforward with its business account offerings. Their account options are limited but still offer customization; although, some account holders appreciate the simplicity of fewer choices.

Best Small Business Bank Account Options

RBC Digital Choice Business Account

RBC’s Digital Choice Business Account may be a good option if you conduct most or all of your transactions electronically and do not need to write or make many check deposits. Features include:

  • Zero minimum balance requirement
  • $5 monthly fee
  • Unlimited electronic credits and debits

These standard fees apply to all non-electronic transactions:

  • $2.25 per $1,000 charge for ATM deposits
  • $2.50 fee for every paper debit or credit transaction
  • $5 fee for every $1,000 cash deposited in a branch

RBC Flex Choice Business Account


  • Zero minimum account balance requirement
  • $6.00 monthly fee
  • Unlimited items per deposit
  • $0.75 per electronic deposit
  • $1.25 per paper transaction
  • Deposit fees: $2.50 per $1,000 (in-branch), $2.25 per $1,000 (ATM)

Higher Volume Business Bank Account Options

RBC All-Inclusive Business Account

The all-inclusive account provides unlimited debits and credits, unlimited deposits, no minimum balance requirement, a deposit limit of $25,000 with a $100 monthly fee. Additional transactions are charged at a rate of one dollar and twenty-five cents ($1.25 each). The $100 monthly fee will be waived if you have a balance of $75,000.

Savings Account

Basic Business Savings Account: 

This account has two debit transactions per month, charges transaction fees for full-service deposits, does not require a minimum monthly balance and pays an interest rate slightly higher than the RBC’s business chequing account.

Maximize Your Interest Account: 

The Maximize Your Interest account offers two free debit transactions per month, transaction fees for full-service deposits, a required minimum balance of $100,000 to earn interest, and pays a higher rate than RBC’s business chequing accounts and the Basic Business Savings Account.

RBC Online Banking

The Digital Account Package from RBC allows unlimited electronic transactions per month, has a $5 monthly fee, and charges transaction fees for full-service deposits and transactions.

You can use Interac to transfer funds through e-transfer or Moneris to deposit money without exhausting your account’s transaction limits.

Despite the fact that some other banks like BMO (eBusiness Plan) have a free online business bank account. I went with the RBC Digital Choice Business Account, which has a $5 monthly fee as my personal finances is already integrated into the RBC ecosystem.

This made my business account opening process seamless. Everything was done in the comfort of my home without needing to go in physically to a branch.


5. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC)


CIBC provides a variety of business banking account options that give you the best chance to find an option that suits your needs. With CIBC, you’ll get lower monthly fees than many competitors but with stricter limits. The bank also offers a few online and mobile banking features which businesses will find helpful.

Best Small Business Bank Account Canada Options

CIBC Basic Business Operating Account

  • $6 monthly fee
  • $1.25 fee for each full-service transaction
  • $1.00 fee for each self-service transaction
  • No minimum balance required

Everyday Business Operating Account

This account provides a monthly cost of $20 if you want to perform your transactions (self-service access) or $25 for those who want help from the bank’s officers (full-service access). It also allows 30 monthly transactions.

Higher Volume Business Bank Account Options

Advanced Business Operating Account

This is an account with a $35 monthly fee which is waived if you have a balance of $35,000 and permits 100 transactions per month.

Unlimited Business Operating Account

It has a $65 monthly fee (unless you have at least $45,000 on your account balance, upon which CIBC will waive the fee) and permits as many transactions as possible per month.

Savings Account Options

CIBC Business Investment Growth Account

The account has no monthly balance requirement, individual transaction fees instead of a monthly fee, and an interest rate higher than offered by CIBC’s business chequing accounts.

CIBC Online Banking

Here are CIBC’s online business banking options:

Smart Banking for Business:

This tool can import data on payroll and other accounting information from an accounting software you may already be using.

Online Banking for Business:

This is an online tool that allows users to access account information, transfer, and pay bills from an easy-to-use interface.

Mobile Banking App:

The app provides limited control over your business banking accounts through your smartphone or tablet.

Many CIBC accounts allow for transactions that do not count towards the limit when you perform Interac e-transfers.

Best Business Bank Account in Canada from Online Banks and Financial Institutions

The best business bank accounts in Canada are also available online. These options provide convenience and low fees, making an account easy to open.

However, online banks typically don’t offer accounts specifically for businesses, so these kinds of accounts are better for businesses that operate under a sole proprietorship because they are more simplified.

The following online banks and financial institutions are the best small business bank account Canada has.

6. Overall Best → Wise Business Account


Wise (formerly Transferwise) has a business bank account that is great for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

This is the perfect option if you pay for goods or services in currencies other than the Canadian dollar as it is a multi-currency account.

MORE >> Wise (formerly Transferwise) Business Account Review

7. Tangerine Bank

Tangerine Bank has both individual and business banking products, with chequing for individuals and savings for both. Tangerine’s business savings account is a great complement to the business chequing account you have at another banking institution.

The Tangerine chequing account is not specifically a business account, so it is best for sole proprietors and other sole traders. Of the online banks reviewed on this list, Tangerine is probably the closest option to a brick-and-mortar bank concerning features offered. Scotiabank owns Tangerine.

Account Options

Chequing Account

This account offers no transaction fees for deposits and debits, a higher interest rate than traditional business chequing accounts in Canada, no minimum balance requirement, and unlimited Interac e-transfers.

Business Savings

One of the best features of Tangerine’s Business Savings Account is that there are no fees. This includes transaction fees, account closure charges, or any other fee or penalty for deposits and debits. The minimum monthly balance to keep the account open is zero, and it offers a higher interest rate than traditional bank accounts offer.

2022 Tangerine Orange Key and Promotion: Get up to $200 Bonus Offer

Sign-up for a new Tangerine Bank account and enter a valid Orange Key Code, to get up to $200 in free cash bonus; deposited directly into your Tangerine account.

The valid Orange Key Code to use is -> 52169202S1

You must provide the above Orange Key during your account opening process and complete all necessary requirements for opening an Account with Tangerine in order for you to get the Bonus Payment. 

8. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple (owned by Power Corporation) is more of a robo-advisor for investors than a business bank. However, it offers some of the same benefits as savings accounts, especially for businesses with large account balances and are looking to grow their money quickly through interest payments.

Account Options

Invest for Business Basic

This bank account is for account balances up to $100,000. It offers zero account transfer fees, trading fees, or rebalancing fees, together with automatic reinvesting of dividends. The account maintenance fee is 0.5%.

Invest for Business Black

This account is for balances of more than $100,000. It charges no transfer fee, rebalancing, or trading fees plus automatic reinvesting. The maintenance fee is 0.4%.

9. Motusbank

Meridian Credit Union owns Motusbank. Therefore, Motusbank’s chequing and savings accounts are designed for individuals but have features that match the needs of small businesses or sole proprietorships.

Account Options

Chequing Account

This bank account offers no transaction fees for deposits or debits, no monthly minimum balance or bill payment fees, unlimited Interac e-transfers, and a higher interest rate than that offered through traditional chequing accounts.

Savings Account

The savings account has no minimum monthly balance or requirement, no transaction fees for deposits and debits, and pays a higher interest rate than what is offered through traditional bank accounts.

10. Simplii Financial

CIBC is Simplii Financial’s parent company. Simplii Financial only offers online savings and chequing accounts. The bank does not allow businesses to open accounts in a business name therefore, the accounts are only suitable for sole proprietorships operating under the owner’s name.

Account Options

Chequing Account

The chequing bank account offers no transaction fees for deposits and debits, no minimum monthly balance, no bill payment fees, unlimited Interac e-transfers, and pays a higher interest rate than traditional chequing accounts.

Savings Account

It comes with no transaction fees for deposits and debits, no minimum monthly balance, and pays a higher interest rate than what traditional bank accounts offer.

2022 Simplii Financial (Bank) Promotion: Get $50 Bonus Offer

To ensure you get the Bonus payment, follow all the instructions to set up your new Simplii account and complete the eligible activities by the specified time period. Have questions about getting your $50 Bonus? Check out Simplii’s FAQ.

11. EQ Bank

EQ Bank offers a chequing account option best used for sole proprietorship and small businesses operating under the business owner’s name. The bank does not have a specific business banking account with features comparable to that of brick-and-mortar banks.

Account Options

Personal Banking

This account offers no transaction fees for deposits and debits, no bill payment fee, a low minimum balance requirement for opening the account and pays a higher interest rate on your funds than traditional chequing accounts.

The account does have limits on the amount of money you can transfer per day, week, or month.

FAQs: The Best Business Bank Account in Canada

Bottom Line: Best Business Bank Account Canada

The best business bank account in Canada is the one that fits your needs and provides you with great service.

Currently, my business bank account and credit card combo are:

» My main business bank accounts: RBC Digital Choice ($5 monthly fee), RBC US Dollar business account ($9 USD monthly fee. Waived with a minimum balance of $2,500 USD), and Wise Multi-currency Business Account (No monthly fee and no minimum balance required)

» My secondary “back-up” business bank account: BMO eBusiness Plan ($0 monthly fee for unlimited electronic transactions).

» My business credit cards: RBC Visa business card with an employee card ($12 annual fee x2) plus RBC US Dollar Visa Gold business credit card ($65 USD annual fee) and Scotiabank Passport Visa Infinite Business Card ($199 annual fee).
I got the Scotiabank credit card as I pay for a lot of goods and services in USD, and it is currently the only business credit card in Canada that offers no FX fee.

» My business debit card: Wise Visa Business Debit Card.
P.S. The debit card that comes with RBC business accounts is Interac, thus it cannot be use online or internationally. Thanks to Wise, I have a business debit card that is accepted online and around the world.


What if the best business account Canada has for your needs is not necessarily at a large bank? There are many benefits of having an online banking option (such as Wise).

We hope this list has helped you narrow down what type of service would work best for you and your business.

Wise Business Bank Account

Charee’s Take

If you’re looking for a business bank account that’s right for Canadian businesses, look no further than Wise. Here’s why:

✔️ You can hold and manage your money in 50+ currencies, which is great if you’re looking to save or budget in foreign currencies.
✔️ You’ll get a Visa debit card that’s accepted by businesses all over the world, so you can shop and withdraw foreign cash without any hassle.
✔️ Wise offers the best exchange rates and lowest money transfer fees of any business bank account for Canadians.
✔️ You can easily send and receive money from business partners around the world with a Wise multi-currency account.
✔️ With Wise, there are no monthly fees or minimum balances, so you can keep your business bank account without worry.
✔️ Wise is FINTRAC regulated, so your money is always safe.

So if you’re looking for a business bank account that’s easy to use and comes with great features, Wise is the way to go.

Best For: Entrepreneurs, Freelancers, and businesses that hire employees from other countries
Monthly Fee: $0
Minimum Balance Required: None
Promotion: Get $3,000 (or £2,000 equivalent) Free Transfer

If you’re still unsure which one will suit your needs, feel free to comment below with any questions! We are happy to help answer them or point you in the right direction.


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Her professional competencies and expertise make her qualified on this topic. She is an expert at collecting details, verifying facts, and making complex subjects easy to understand.

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