Best Free Tax Software Canada 2023-2024 – CRA Certified!

If you don’t have a finance or accounting background, filing tax returns can seem a daunting affair.

What you need to know, however, is that with the best free tax software Canada, you can eliminate the procrastination that sets in whenever you have to file your tax returns.

Best Free Tax Software Canada

While the first impulse, if you don’t know how to proceed, would be to get help, the free tax software Canada will help you easily file your returns online.

Let’s have a look at the best software to use.

Quick Overview: CRA Free Tax Software

The following are free tax return software that are certified by the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). See the following table for free tax software in Canada, including software with a pay-what-you-want model.

Tax SoftwarePlatformCRA Certified Tax Years
TurboTax FreeOnline & Desktop (Windows)2018-Current Year
TurboTax Free – for iPhone, iPad, & AndroidMobile App2018-2020
H&R Block OnlineOnline2017-Current Year
CloudTaxOnline2018-Current Year
CloudTax – for iPhone, iPad, & AndroidMobile App2018-Current Year
EachTax FreeOnline2021
StudioTax – for iPhone, iPad, & AndroidMobile App2019-Current Year
UFile OnlineOnline2018-Current Year
Wealthsimple TaxOnline2017-Current Year
Wealthsimple Tax – for iPhone, iPadMobile App2017-Current Year
Wealthsimple Tax – for AndroidMobile App2020-Current Year
TaxTronOnline2018-Current Year
GenuTax StandardDesktop (Windows)2017-Current Year

Best Free Tax Return Software Canada

1. TurboTax Free

TurboTax is among the most popular free tax software in Canada. You can use it to file both federal and state taxes. However, what makes it the best bet is that it is well suited to file unemployment and W-2 income. And all that for free.

Another thing that will delight you with the TurboTax is that it will enable you to access EIC and child tax credits, which will help you cut down on the taxes payable. You will find it easier to use this software with the autofill my return option.


2. CloudTax

If you don’t have a business, filing taxes for free in Canada isn’t that much of a problem. However, with CloudTax, you’ll find that it’s even easier. Here is why.

The Canada Revenue Agency-certified software has a free version that guarantees you the following benefits:

  • The Auto-Fill Returns Feature
  • Data Encryption for the safety of your data
  • The option for audit protection at a monthly fee of $2.99
  • A chance to store your tax returns details online
  • Expert help with your taxes for only $29.99 for every return

The paid version starts from $29. What you won’t like about Cloudtax is that you can’t use it if you’re in Quebec, Nunavut, the Northwest region, and Yukon.

3. UFile Free

Another Canadian tax return software to consider is uFile Free, which you can access with any apple device, android, and even windows. For windows, you can download the desktop app and use it to access and file your returns.

It is advantages in the below instances:

  • If you’re a student, regardless of your income
  • If you have are a low-income employee with a total family income of not more than $20000
  • When filing a simple tax return
  • First-time federal income tax returns for Canadian newcomers

4. Wealthsimple Tax (formerly SimpleTax)

Next on the list of free tax software in Canada is Wealthsimple Tax. Although most of the tax options on our list are free to use, they have several options you need to pay a specific amount. However, Wealthsimple Tax differs from the others; you pay only what you can afford.

So, what if you can only afford $0? Then you pay exactly that. The pay what you want model enables you to choose between two different tax filing styles. For one, you can select the advanced or rather complicated approach with a streamlined interface.

However, if you’d instead go simple, you can opt for the tried and tested question-and-answer method.

It has an email support feature which slightly compensates for the lack of phone support. Besides that, you will also benefit from an easy-to-use interface that will make filing returns a stress-free affair.

5. GenuTax

GenuTax is another free tax software Canada for filing taxes in Canada. Like Wealthsimple, you also pay whatever you can afford. One significant difference with the other software is that you need to have it as a program on your PC to use it.

You can use it online as the other software. What stands out from using Genutax is that you can file up to a maximum of 20 tax returns each time. Better still, you can do that for all returns running as far back as 2003.

You can’t do that with the other options that only go back a few years. The downside to using the software is that it’s only compatible with Windows devices. There’s no option for mac. 

However, that doesn’t take from the fact that it’s a brilliant option if you want to file your returns online.

6. AdvTax

You can access the AdvTax free tax software Canada using your computer, tablet, or smartphone and easily file your returns. The best thing about the software is that it is available in different languages, notable among them being Chinese, French and of course, English.

Its easy-to-use interface will allow you to quickly file your returns in as short a time as five minutes. And in case you’re worried about its certification, that need not bother you since it is NETFILE-certified.

7. H&R Block Free (Online)

The H&R Block has been around for over 55 years, serving Canadians in different tax aspects, including filing returns.

With H&R Block, you have the option of either doing it online for free or visiting their over 1000 offices in Canada for in-person service.

You will have to drop your relevant documents for the in-person service to receive the hope you need.

Besides the free filing option, it also has two others. The Assistance option goes for $19.99 for every return, and the Protection option goes for $29.99 for every return.

The protection service has priority support, audit protection, and the chance to store your returns online for up to seven years. Under the assistance option, you will have access to the previous year’s returns and unlimited tech support.

8. EachTax

Wrapping up our list of the best free tax software Canada is EachTax which boasts free and paid options. The paid version will attract a fee of 6.99$ the first time you file your returns and an extra 3.99$ for subsequent returns you file.

The free option, on the other hand, is available for the following group of customers

  • New immigrants
  • Seniors (people above 70)
  • New customers
  • People earning less than $25000

On the downside, you can’t use the software if you’re in Quebec. Also, its interface isn’t as up-to-date as that you’d find in other software. That doesn’t hamper its ability to give you results, though.

Need Free Help with Your Income Tax Return? -> Get Your Taxes Done at a Free Tax Clinic

Do you need help with your tax return?  Volunteers at a free tax clinic may be able to help you if you have a low income and a straightforward tax situation.


COVID-19 Update:

Some community organizations are conducting free virtual tax clinics for the 2022 tax season. By videoconference, phone, or drop-off clinic, volunteers may be able to prepare and submit your taxes for free.

Free tax clinics are places where people who qualify can get their taxes done for free by volunteers. Each community organization hosts them through the Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP), and the Income Tax Assistance – Volunteer Program (ITAVP) in Quebec.

Volunteers with the CVITP and ITAVP complete both the federal and provincial returns.

There are various types of free tax clinics:

  • Walk-in
  • Drop-off
  • By appointment (in-person or virtual)

During the months of March and April, across Canada, several free tax clinics are available. There are also some clinics that remain open all year round.

To find a free tax clinic in your area:

What you need

For volunteers to prepare your tax and benefit returns for you free of charge, you must have the following.:

  • Identification
  • Social Insurance Number
  • Tax information slips
  • Receipts

Why is it a Better Option to File Tax Returns Online

The world is changing, and now we can access most government or private sector services online. But does that apply to tax returns? What are the benefits of filing returns online, and why should you try it? Let’s have a look.

1. It is Cheaper

We might wax lyrical on how convenient or easy it is to file returns online. Still, ultimately, it will always come down to the cost. Filing your taxes online will see you use a lesser amount of money than if you had to get an accountant to help you.

2. It is Far Much Easier to File Online

Most things become easier once you have to do them online. The options we have outlined here have the best systems in place to ensure your experience filing returns is as smooth as possible.

Most of the software has features that make it easy to file your returns. For instance, the software can store your previous years’ returns, with some going as far back as ten years.

3. You Can Access Help Whenever You Need It

A key aspect of filing online is that you will do it yourself. However, should you need any help, then it will be a click away. Most of the software provides additional priority support at a fee.

4. Filing Online is More Accurate

Did you know that it’s easier for you to make an error when you’re filing returns manually than when you do it online? You will get all the calculations done for you when you do it online.

The chances of errors occurring in their calculations are remote.

5. You Will Benefit from Faster Refunds

When you file your returns online, you get faster refunds than if you hadn’t done it online. Electronic submissions might see you get refunds in as little as eight days — talk of efficiency in personal finance.

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) T1 income tax and benefits returns (individual income tax) statistics for the 2022 tax-filing season indicates that 95.3% of Canadians filed their returns electronically between the period February 7, 2022, to March 7, 2022.

What You Need to Look for in Tax Software

Since you don’t want to risk falling foul of the authorities, you’ll want to ensure the software you use to file your returns online passes the below tests.

  • Are they CRA-certified? They should be.
  • Do they have data encryption? You need to ensure your data is as safe as possible.
  • How compatible is the software with your devices? Some won’t work with MacBook, and some Windows.
  • How affordable is it? Ideally, it should be free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on The Best Free Tax Software Canada

Is Turbotax Canada Still Free in 2022?

Yes, it is. TurboTax Canada is free to use for all people.

Who Can Use Studio Tax?

Studio tax is available for anyone with a computer who can pay the 15$ license fee.

When Can You Start Filing Your 2021 Taxes in Canada?

You can start filing your returns on February 21st.

What Is the Best Canadian Tax Software?

Many come to mind, but we think H&R Block and Wealthsimple are the best options if you want to file your returns online. They have easy-to-use platforms that make filing returns easier.

 Is There Free Tax Software in Canada

Yes, there is. The options we have outlined on our list are all free even though they have paid options.

Is Turbotax Really Free Canada?

Easily submit simple taxes online with TurboTax. For free, TurboTax Free lets you file your basic Canadian tax return. With no hidden costs, you may follow the process, and the program will compute the numbers for you.

Does CRA Have Free Online Tax Filing?

You may do your taxes online for free. The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a list of CRA-certified commercial tax preparation software packages and web applications to fit any budget, including those that are free.

Is Simpletax owned by Wealthsimple?

Yes, they are. A couple of years ago, Wealthsimple acquired SimpleTax. They officially changed the name and brought Wealthsimple Tax into the family.

Final Thoughts: The Best Free Tax Software Canada

If you were looking for free tax software in Canada, we hope you’ve found what you were looking for. Filing taxes online is way more convenient, accurate, and cheaper. You should try it.


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