Best Canadian Will Kits Reviews: Free DIY and Premium Online Will Kit in 2024

Historically, making a Will was exhausting. This is especially true for Canadians with complex estate planning needs.

But with the advent of modern Canadian Will kits, you can rest easy knowing that creating a legally binding Will doesn’t have to be excruciating.

Plus, you can do it online in minutes.

Canadian Will Kit

However, not all Will kits are detailed enough to meet your needs. Also, not all Will kits in Canada meet the standard.

Don’t worry; I’ve highlighted the best Canadian Will kits currently available in Canada. Read on to find out more.

Will Kit: What Is It?

A Will kit presents itself as a fill-in-the-blank type of document that helps you set up your Will. All the necessary questions you need to create a Will are already on the document. You need to fill it out with the correct details. 

Some of the information you’ll need to fill out includes; your executor, guardian for your minor children, beneficiaries, etc. If you’re wondering if this method of drafting your Will in Canada is legal, the answer is yes, it is legal. You see, the magic is not in the Will Kit itself. 

It is embedded in whether or not it meets the requirement for witnessing and signing. You’ll have to be old enough and of sound mind to do this. Then, when signing, you’re required to do so in wet ink. 

Signing the document in private won’t legalize the document. So, you have to sign in the presence of two witnesses. They must also sign the document to confirm their presence at the signing.

Types of Canadian Will Kits

In Canada, there are two major types of Wills or Will kits. There’s the online and DIY Will kit. We’ll define these two so you’ll understand what they’re about. Also, you’ll easily decide which one fulfils your needs. 

1. DIY Will Kit

Before the advent of online kits, DIY kit was all Canadians used to create their Will. If you don’t know it as a DIY kit, you’ll probably recognize it with the name “blank Will kits.” 

Although they are cheaper, you’ll need an estate lawyer to guide you through filling out this type of Will kit. Although it is a fill-in-the-blank document, it lacks enough guidance. This is dangerous because if you fill in the wrong information, it might render the document illegal. 

2. Online Will Kits

The online Will kit was birthed to fulfil the inadequacies of the DIY Will kit and more. Unlike its counterparts, you’ll find the online kit easier and more convenient to fill. The best part about this Will kit is that you won’t need to hunt for the perfect estate lawyer to consult. 

A good platform like Epilogue Wills connects you with a host of expert estate lawyers you can book consultation sessions with to create a detailed and cost-effective Will for your complex Will and estate planning.

Free Will Kits in Canada

When it comes to online Wills in Canada, there are premium kits and free kits. Here are some of the best free kits you can use in Canada.

1. CanadaWills

My Impression

CanadaWills has a group of attorneys and estate lawyers with years of relevant experience. That explains why I thought it was too good to be a free Will kit the first time I laid my hands on it. 

Here’s the best part; you can get a free Will and testament, medical power of attorney, living Will and advance directive document on this site. But it’s nice to donate a gift voluntarily. 

Pros and Cons of CanadaWills


  • It is free
  • The Will covers guardianship, digital assets and your pets.
  • You can print or save your Will.


  • Not available in Quebec.

2. LawDepot

My Impression

LawDepot is another Canadian free-Will platform that offers Will kits free in Canada. They also offer estate planning support and other documents. Anyone can access over 150 legal documents on this platform. 

Although they offer free Will and testament documents, you can only access these based on their free trial option. You can get the Will kit on this platform for free with a one-week free trial. 

Pros and Cons of LawDepot


  • Great for creating both personal Will and legal contracts.
  • It grants you access to 150 other types of legal documents.


  • Access to the website (and your Canadian Will kit) is free for only one week. Afterwards, you will need to pay a subscription or download your document and cancel before the free trial ends.
  • The process of Will and testament creation is complex compared to the alternatives.

3. The Free Will Kit

My Impression

Although The Free Will Kit started in the USA, it spread to Spain and Canada. While they offer Will kits for free, they do not offer diverse types of Will kits. 

Also, all you’ll get in the kit includes the Will, a Will kit workbook, and Living Will with a healthcare surrogate. All you need to do is fill it out online. Their representative would reach out to you for delivery and may try to upsell other paid services to you.

If you are like me that don’t have the “energy” for sales reps, you may be better off just paying for an affordable Will kit from Canadian LegalWills.

Pros and Cons of The Free Will Kit


  • They’re free.
  • You’ll get a decent combination in the package.


  • It is not comprehensive enough, so it might not fulfil your needs.

4. Free Legal Will Kit

My Impression

Another free Will kit Canadians can try is the Free Legal Will Kit. Although it’s a great free Will kit, it is not available everywhere in Canada. You can only find it in New Brunswick, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, and Alberta. 

When you apply for a free Will kit with this company, you’ll get a package that includes Durable Power of Attorney, the Will, an instructional workbook and an advanced directive. Of course, the company will deliver it to the address of your choice. 

Pros and Cons of Free Legal Will Kit


  • Offers you several important documents for free.
  • Door-step delivery.
  • The instructional workbook has all you need to fill the Will. 


  • It is only available in a few provinces in Canada.

Recap: Free Canadian Will Kits

NamePriceWhat They Offer
CanadaWills$0• Medical Power of Attorney (POA)
• Living Wills
• Advance Directives
LawDepotFree trial for a week.
• Then, $39 per month, or
One year Pro: $95.88, or
Pay As You Go: $7.50-$49
150 documents that cover;
• Wills and Estates 
• Financial
• Family 
• Real Estate 
• Business 
The Free Will Kit$0• Last Will & Testament
• Living Will 
• Health Care
• Surrogate Form
Free Legal Will Kit$0• Last Will And Testament Template
• Durable Power of Attorney Form
• Advanced Directive
• Instructional Workbook

Why You Should Not Use a Free Canadian Will Kit

Here are three reasons why you should avoid using a free Canadian Will kit:

  • Quality: Free Will kits typically provide a very basic and poor service as they haven’t been drafted by a legal team, offer no support and usually lack necessary updates. This may cause problems during the probate process.

  • Hidden Costs: Some free Will kits claim to be free but will charge your credit card automatically every month. This can become a costly mistake, especially if it goes unnoticed for a long time.

  • Privacy Issues: Free Will kits often sell your personal data to other businesses like insurance companies and pre-paid funeral homes. This can lead to spam calls and unwanted solicitations.

To avoid the above problems, it’s best to use a premium Canadian Will kit. These reputable companies (such as Epilogue, Willful, and have a legal team, support team and development team that deliver a high-quality service for a fair price.

They charge a minimal fee to cover their costs, but considering the importance of having a legally-approved Will, it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Keep reading to get more information on the best premium legal Will kits in Canada.

Best Premium – Legal Will Kits in Canada

If you’re willing to spend a few bucks on getting an extensive and complete Will kit for your needs, here are some of the best premium Will kits in Canada.

1. Epilogue Wills


My Impression

Epilogue Wills is great for Will kits and your other estate planning needs. With two estate planners as the founders and CEO, you know you’re in good hands. 

I love that their Wills and Power of Attorney documents can be customized to meet everyone’s needs. All you have to do is answer the questions you were asked. Viola! Your Last Will will be ready. The best part is that the Will is so simple and direct to fill.


  • Create a legally enforceable Will in 20 minutes or less
  • Legal documents created by two experienced estate planning lawyers
  • “Future-proof” estate planning documents (e.g. does not need to be updated if you have more kids)
  • Lifetime unlimited free updates
  • The only online Canadian Will kit platform that has the option on adding your RESP to your Will
  • Free Affidavit of Execution is included with every Will ($40 value)
  • Most affordable Canadian Will kit platform for a couple that do not have mirrored wishes


  • Not available in Quebec

“I highly recommend using Epilogue. I was really impressed at how fast and convenient it was. I filled it out on my phone in less than 20 minutes.” –
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Matt W.

Here’s my full Epilogue Wills review if you’d like to know more about this best Canadian legal Will kit.

For $20 off any Epilogue Will plan, use Promo Code → THEFINANCEKEY20 ← at checkout.

2. Canadian


My Impression

Legal Wills has been in business for 20 years, but they have evolved with time. So, you won’t find an outdated Will kit on their site. Instead, you’ll get an updated Will kit approved by a lawyer. 

My favourite part of this Will is that you can access it regardless of your province. Aside from the Last Will and testament document, you’ll get a couple of other documents in the package.


  • Affordable
  • Available in all Canadian provinces
  • Several customizations are available with add-ons (e.g. Expatriate Will – for assets held in Canada or in the US or in the UK)
  • Lawyer-approved estate planning documents


  • Free update is only for one year
  • The website is not very intuitive.

“My step mom passed away and the Will from LegalWills was accepted by the banks and government without any problem” –
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, K.Fu (Vancouver, BC).

For 20% Discount off any Legal Wills plan, use Promo Code → THEFINANCEKEY20 ← at checkout.

3. Willful


My Impression

Willful plans start at $99. If/when you need to make changes to your Will, you won’t need to pay for it. Their customer care is responsive and helpful.


  • Estate planning documents created by estate lawyers
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Make easy, unlimited updates, anytime


  • Not great for people with a complex estate.
  • Available in only seven (7) provinces

Here’s my full Willful review if you’d like to know more about this premium Canadian Will Kit.

Get 15% Discount off any Willful plan (no promo code is required).

Recap: Premium Canadian Legal Will Kits

NamePrice/PackageFree Affidavit of Execution ($40 Value)?
Best for Lawyer-Quality Documents:
Epilogue Wills
• Basic Coverage: N/A
• Premium Coverage: $139-$199
• Use THEFINANCEKEY20 to get $20 off
✅ Yes
Best for Pricing:
• Basic – Premium Coverage: $39.95-$129.95
• Use THEFINANCEKEY20 to get a 20% discount
❌ No
Best for User Experience: Willful• Basic – Premium Coverage: $99-$189
Use this unique link to get a 15% discount (no promo code required)
✅ Yes

RELATED: Check out my review of Willful vs Epilogue Wills for a comprehensive comparison of these two popular Canadian Wills kit platforms.

FAQs: Legal Canadian Will Kit

Can I Just Write My Own Will in Canada?

In many provinces, including Ontario, it is acceptable to write out a will by hand (i.e. holographic Will), but it must all be in your own handwriting. You need to sign it, too.

Does a Will in Canada Need to Be Notarized?

No, you don’t. Your Last Will and Testament do not have to be notarized to be valid. It’s a popular myth that you need a notary or lawyer to create a legally binding will in Canada.

Are Online Wills Valid in Canada?

Yes, online Wills are Valid throughout Canada. However, not all online Will makers are available throughout Canada.

For instance, Willful is currently only available in 7 provinces – BC, Alberta, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Manitoba. Therefore, if you reside outside of these provinces, a Willful Will is not an option for you.

In this case, you should use either Canadian or (both are available throughout Canada) or Epilogue Wills (available in all English-speaking Canada).

Bottom Line: Canadian Will Kit

Now that you know the best Canadian Will kits available, there is no reason for you to delay creating your Will.

If you don’t want to spend on a Will kit, the free Canadian Will kit options on our list are a good place to start.

For a premium Canadian Will kit, Epilogue Wills is an excellent choice.

So, go ahead and choose from the available options what works best for you.


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