Epilogue Wills Review, Canada 2024: Create a Legal Will Online in Minutes

Epilogue Wills is an online platform that allows you to create legal and binding Wills and Power of Attorney documents from the comfort of your home.

The process is simple and straightforward, and it can be completed in as little as 20 minutes.


Many people have a fear of mortality. And for this reason, they tend to avoid the topic of Wills and life insurance. But writing a Will is a necessary part of estate planning. It also ensures that your loved ones are protected when you’re gone.

Traditionally, you need an attorney to prepare a Will, but these services can be pricey and time-consuming. But with online Wills like Epilogue Wills, Canadians can prepare legal Wills online in just minutes and right from the comfort of their home.

In this Epilogue Wills review, we’ll start by explaining what a will is, why you need one, what Epilogue Wills Canada is, how their services work, and more.

What Is Epilogue Wills?

Epilogue was founded by two estate planning lawyers who saw an opportunity to use technology to make the Will-making process easier and more accessible for everyone.

Epilogue Wills is an online service that allows you to create legally binding Wills and power of attorney documents easily. It provides an easy and cost-effective solution to a challenging and unpleasant activity that many people believe is impossible.

Epilogue Wills is currently available to Canadians in:
✔️ Ontario (ON),
✔️ British Columbia (BC),
✔️ Alberta (AB),
✔️ Saskatchewan (SK),
✔️ Manitoba (MB),
✔️ Nova Scotia (NS),
✔️ Prince Edward Island (PEI),
✔️ New Brunswick (NB), and
✔️ Newfoundland and Labrador (NL/NFLD).
They intend to expand across Canada.

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Epilogue Wills Reviews

Epilogue Wills Reviews (Overall)

Simplifying the estate planning process

“I highly recommend using Epilogue. I was really impressed at how fast and convenient it was. I filled it out on my phone in less than 20 minutes.”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Matt W.

Don’t put off your will any longer

“Setting up my Will was something I kept putting off until Epilogue. The process was so easy, thoughtful and honestly painless.”
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️, Anita C.

What Does Epilogue Wills Offer?

Epilogue Wills provides you with the option of creating a will or a will with a Power of Attorney. Both individuals and couples may use both of these products.

Here’s a rundown of each Epilogue product’s features.

Will Only

Creating a Will with an Epilogue helps you put together a legally binding Will. You may make your own bespoke Will, containing a document stating your funeral and burial wishes.

The package comes with complete signing instructions (make sure you do it correctly), as well as the chance to update it at any time free of charge.

Will and Power of Attorney

This bundle includes everything found in the Will Only plan, as well as a power of attorney for personal care and a power of attorney for property. It provides complete protection against death and incapacity.

Both products above are targeted at individuals. However, Epilogue Wills provides the same products for couples as well.

Wills Only (For Couples)

Each partner may create their own unique Will and state their funeral and burial wishes. This bundle can be modified at any time for free and includes detailed signing instructions to guarantee that you follow through correctly.

Wills and Power of Attorney (For Couples)

It covers everything in the Wills Only package, as well as allowing you both to set up powers of attorney for someone to handle your finances and healthcare if you become incapacitated.

Social Media Will

Consider how you’d like your digital legacy to be handled when you pass away. You can decide which material to save and how your posts and internet profiles will continue after you’re gone.

How Much Does Epilogue Wills Cost?

The following are the costs for Epilogue Wills products:

PackageIndividual PlanCouple Plan
Will Only$139$269
Will + Power of Attorney$199$329

While a lawyer-prepared Will might cost you more than $800, Epilogue has made the procedure much easier and more cost-effective. They provide clients with a Will and Powers of Attorney documents starting at $139.

Every Will you create with Epilogue can be updated at no cost at any time.

Epilogue Wills, Canada: Key Features

Epilogue Wills have several characteristics that set them apart from typical methods of making a Will.

  • Affordability: In most cases, creating a will with a lawyer will cost you around $1,000 or more. You’ll pay far less with Epilogue.
  • Convenience: You don’t have to go anywhere to create a will. It can be completed in your own time and at your leisure.
  • Speed:  You can create a will online in less than 20 minutes.
  • Accessibility: Epilogue’s goal is to make creating a will simple and available to everyone, including those who are unable to go into a lawyer’s office.
  • Privacy: Your documents are entirely confidential, and you’re given the final say over who has access to them. Epilogue uses encryption technology to keep your information secure during transmission that beats out all other competitors.
  • Expertise: Epilogue was founded by two estate lawyers with considerable experience in estate planning and is the first online will firm in Canada to be led by people who have worked in the field. You can trust lawyer-quality papers that are more ‘future-proof’ as well as expert assistance throughout the process.

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Pros and Cons of Using Epilogue Wills


  • The only online Will platform in Canada started and run by experienced estate planning lawyers.
  • Lawyer-Quality documents
  • Unlimited free updates. For no additional cost, you may update your will at any time and make modifications to it.
  • User-friendly Website. The website is easy to use and guides you through every step of the process.
  • Excellent customer service. Customer care agents are available (live chat or phone) to answer your inquiries throughout the process of completing your Will online.
  • RESP. You can include your RESP in your Will.
  • You’ll have complete peace of mind. You’ll be at peace knowing your wishes are legally binding and just as binding as a Will drawn up by an attorney in person.
  • Preview your documents before you pay, with flexible payment options available.


  • Just like any other online Will platform, Epilogue Wills is not appropriate for complex financial situations. Complex circumstances may necessitate the assistance of a lawyer for independent legal counsel.
  • No legal counsel. If you require a legal opinion, you will have to do so on your own. There is also no option for your Will to be reviewed by a lawyer on the site.

    P.S. If you want a lawyer review service, we recommend FormalWill.ca (they are currently the only online Will platform in Canada that provides access to “Lawyer Network” as an add-on to your estate planning documents)
  • Not yet available Canada-wide. Currently accessible in nine provinces – ON, BC, AB, SK, MB, NS, PEI, NB and NL – they intend to expand to the rest of Canada in the coming months.

How To Create a Will Online in Canada with Epilogue Wills

Creating a legally binding Will with Epilogue is simple. Creating a Will in one sitting takes about 20 minutes. When you start creating the Will, Epilogue will provide you with several questions to answer. The service will use your responses to the questions to create a Will tailored to your needs.

You may choose to draft your Will in multiple sessions and take longer if you think it is necessary. The website keeps track of your progress, allowing you to resume where you left off. You can also make changes to your Will with the website whenever you want.

Before creating your Will, there are a few things you’ll need. For example, you should have an idea about how you want your estate divided among friends, family, and charity groups. If you have any minor children, they must be appointed a legal guardian in your Will.

It is beneficial if you have a basic understanding of your debts and assets. You should also know the relevant information about your loved ones, such as their birth dates and full names.

You must also be aware of who you want to name as the executor of your Will, once you’ve gathered the essential information about what you wish to accomplish.

To create your Will with Epilogue, you need to take these three actions:

  1. Complete the simple questionnaire that Epilogue has professionally prepared.
  2. Generate the Will (just a few seconds)
  3. Print out the Will and follow the signing instructions. 

You just created a Will by following these simple steps.

To make it legally valid, you’ll need two witnesses to sign the Will. To create your Will and make your payment, you must first open an account at Epilogue’s website.

If you don’t have access to a printer, you may have the Will sent to your address for a small fee.

Do You Need a Lawyer to Make Your Will Legal?

No. An Epilogue Wills Canada-generated Will is as just as legally binding as a Will written by a Lawyer if it is signed in accordance with the rules of your province.

You may even decide to create a Will that consists exclusively of your handwritten words. A holographic Will does not need to be witnessed; however, it is preferable to do so for the purposes of avoiding legal issues after your passing.

If you have a more complicated situation, it might be best if you employ the services of a Lawyer.

Some of these situations may be:

  • You have a differently-abled family member who is getting government assistance (such as ODSP). In such circumstances, you might wish to include a Henson Trust in your Will to guarantee that person continues to receive the government money.
  • You possess assets outside of Canada.
  • You have a blended family with children from a previous relationship and need a Spousal Trust.
  • You wish to disinherit a child or spouse from your Will.

At the moment, Epilogue does not cater to those conditions, so it’s a good idea to contact a lawyer.

Is Epilogue Safe?

Yes, Epilogue is safe. Epilogue’s privacy security procedures are as follows:

  • Secure HTTPS protocol to protect your sessions
  • Bcrypt technology to secure your password
  • Virtual Private Cloud with dedicated firewalls for data backup

How Does Epilogue Compare? Epilogue Wills vs Willful vs Canadian Legal Wills vs FormalWill

Epilogue Wills is the only online will provider that enables you to include an RESP in your estate plan, as well as the only one that includes a free Affidavit of Execution with your Will based on where you reside (for example, the Affidavit of Execution in Ontario).

Estate Planning Platform / FeaturesEpilogue WillsWillfulCanadian Legal Wills (LegalWills.ca)FormalWill.ca
Price Range$139 – $329$99 – $329$39.95 – $199.95$39 – $189
Products Provided•Last Will and Testament •Power of Attorney for Property
•Power of Attorney for Personal Care
•Affidavit of Execution (Free)
•Last Will and Testament
•Power of Attorney for Finance and Property
•Healthcare Emergency Representative & Wishes
•Last Will and Testament
•Power of Attorney •Expatriate Will
•Living Will
•Last Will and Testament
•Power of Attorney
•Living Will
•Pet Will
•Lawyer Review Service
Special Feature•The only online Will service created by seasoned estate lawyers.
•The only online will provider that lets you include an RESP in your estate plans and provides for free the appropriate affidavits with your Will
They provide Will packages for individuals, couples, and up to 6 family members.They offer more unique options, such as Living Will and Expatriate Will•Their will kits are custom-made to fit each Canadian province and territory. 
•They provide a lawyer review service.

The four online Will services compared above are the most popular choices for Canadians.

As you can see, the costs differ considerably. While Canadian Legal Wills, FormalWill, and Willful pricing start with options that cost less than Epilogue Wills, Epilogue prices reflect how comprehensive their services are and they provide clear transparent pricing.

Updating your Will on Epilogue Wills platform is unlimited and free for your lifetime, whereas with LegalWills, it is free for only one year, while with FormalWill, it is not free at all (you have to purchase a “peace of mind” bonus before you can update your Will).

The fact that Epilogue is currently the only online estate planning platform in the country started and operated by experienced estate planning lawyers earns it bonus points.

Epilogue’s documentation is extremely thorough and detailed – It is indistinguishable and often superior to what a lawyer will prepare.

Epilogue also offers a rich Learn Center with a wealth of knowledge on everything you want to know about Wills.

Who Should Go With Epilogue?

Epilogue Wills is a wonderful solution for individuals or couples who want to create a simple, straightforward Will and power of attorney document.

The real-world experience in the estate planning sector adds an extra layer of trust that other internet Will platforms can’t compare.

The assistance provided throughout the process removes any anxiety you may feel while completing a legal document from home.

“There’s always tomorrow” can work for many things. But the longer you put off your Will, the less time you’ll spend with peace of mind. Start your online Will →

However, Epilogue Wills may not be suitable for everyone. As previously said, it only offers a few products, and some other platforms provide more alternatives, such as expatriate Wills.

Also, Epilogue Wills might not be your greatest choice if you have a complicated estate. In some circumstances, you will require legal assistance from an attorney.

More on Legal Wills in Canada

What is a Will?

A Will is a legal document that outlines how you would like your estate to be divided upon your passing, as well as designating guardianship for any children. It also names the executor (or person responsible for overseeing and carrying out the Will).

It is also called a “Last Will and Testament.”

Wills can cover other things, such as living wills, which apply only in specific situations, such as end-of-life care. There are state and province-specific laws for writing a will, so it is essential to consult with an attorney before getting started.

Why is it so Important to Write a Will?

You will need to decide how you would like your assets to be distributed at some point in your life.

Approximately 70% of Canadians do not have a Will.

If you die without a Will (that is, dying “intestate”), the property division after death is partly dependent on provincial or territorial law (or on who enters an application first). However, this will be different from how you want your assets to be dispersed in most situations.

Without a Will, it may take years for your loved ones to figure out what you would have wanted.

To be clear, if you die without a legal Will:

  • You have no say in the matter of how your assets will be divided.
  • Your assets can be distributed unequally based on provincial laws that were in place at the time of your death – regardless of what you would have wanted.
  • You can’t choose your Executor or Trustee.
  • You don’t get to choose who the Guardian of your minor children is.
  • It may create an administrative mess within your family and even legal conflict over who gets what.

Fortunately, getting a Will is not difficult. You may now use an online service such as Epilogue Wills Canada to prepare a Will with ease.

Read More: How to Write a Will in Canada

What is a Power of Attorney?

A Power of Attorney is a legal document appointing someone else to make financial or property decisions if you become incapacitated. This means that if the worst happens, your medical or financial decisions could be made by someone other than yourself.

Think of this as an “emergency” Will that will take effect only when you cannot make those decisions yourself.

Even if you have a Trust and/or Will, it is still necessary to appoint another person as your Attorney. This is because only the person with authority under the law has the power to deal with things such as financial or medical issues on your behalf.

There are two types of Powers of Attorney:

  1. Power of Attorney for Personal Care (POA-PC) and
  2. Power of Attorney for Property (POA-P).

A Power of Attorney for Personal Care allows you to designate someone to make personal and health care-related decisions on your behalf. A Power of Attorney for Property, on the other hand, gives power to the individual you choose to handle your finances, including investing, paying bills, filing taxes, etc.

While a Will concerns itself with what occurs after your death, a POA is concerned with handling your affairs if you’re incapable.

Are Online Wills Valid in Canada?

Given the significance of a Will, you’d want to ensure that it is valid and legally enforceable if you choose to use an online Will kit.

The legal status of Online Wills in Canada is straightforward: If done correctly, an online will is legitimate. In fact, you may write a handwritten Will (holographic Will) and sign it and have it recognized in court.

However, any Last Will and Testament, whether handwritten, completed online, or produced with the assistance of a lawyer, must meet several basic standards.

Legal online Will kits work with seasoned estate lawyers to build templates that reflect the Estate Law in different provinces and territories

You can also use an online Will service to create a power of attorney and living Will document. To be effective, an online Will must be printed on paper and signed in the presence of two witnesses. Your witnesses cannot be beneficiaries of your Will.

Read More>> Best Online Wills in Canada

FAQs: Epilogue Wills, Canada 

Epilogue Wills Review, Canada 2024: Create Legal Will Online
epilogue wills review canada

Epilogue Wills is an online service that allows you to create legally binding Wills and power of attorney documents easily. It provides an easy and cost-effective solution to a challenging and unpleasant activity that many people believe is impossible.

Editor's Rating:


  • Affordable lawyer-quality Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Create your legal documents in 20 minutes or less
  • "Future-proof" Wills and Power of Attorney
  • Founded and run by estate planning lawyers
  • Has the option of including your RESP in your Will


  • May not be suitable for complicated situations

Final Thoughts: Epilogue Wills, Canada

While it’s not fun to think about your mortality, it is critical that a Last Will and Testament not be overlooked for financial planning.

Many Canadians do not have a Will, according to Statistics Canada.

The good thing is that Online Wills have made the Will-writing process both more accessible and more affordable for everyone. They are gaining popularity among Canadians, and it’s great to see more options available. 

Epilogue Wills is affordable when compared to other online Wills service providers. And it is also less expensive than hiring a lawyer, plus you’ll get the security of knowing your Will is backed up by expertise.

And now, with our Epilogue Wills promo code (THEFINANCEKEY20), you can get a $20 discount off your Will plan.

Epilogue Wills’ unique combination of in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience makes it a standout alternative, especially since they are helmed by two individuals with over a decade of estate law expertise.

When finishing your online Will is this simple and easy, why not do it right now?


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