Simple Mortgage Payment Calculator, Canada (2023): Calculate Your Monthly Payment

With this Simple Mortgage Payment Calculator, you can estimate your monthly mortgage payment amounts.

With three basic values, quickly get the answer to the question that every home buyer and real estate investor wants to know. “How much house/property can I really afford? Bottom line, what are the numbers?”

How to Calculate Monthly Mortgage Payment: Know How Much You Can Afford

To calculate your monthly mortgage payment, simply enter the following into the mortgage payment calculator:

  1. Mortgage Amount,
  2. Interest Rate, and
  3. Mortgage Period (loan term).

Then, your monthly mortgage payment is automatically calculated instantly, which shows you how much you can afford.

This makes it easy to make adjustments and figure out how much house you can afford.

Simple Mortgage Calculator



Monthly Mortgage Payment

Looking for a mortgage calculator with more options?
Try the advanced mortgage calculator – It is a mortgage calculator with taxes, insurance and PMI.

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FAQs: Mortgage Payment Calculator, Canada

What are the Benefits of Using a Mortgage Payment Calculator?

Mortgage payment calculators can help in the following ways:
1. Help you figure out how much house you can afford.
2. By adjusting the three points data in the calculator, you can use the calculator to help you forecast possible increases in property value.

Furthermore, with our mortgage payment calculator, you can gather information in several ways to help you with the following:
– Compare loan types. For example, a 20-year versus a 35-year mortgage.
– Compare loan scenarios.
– Understand how different down payments amounts could affect your overall mortgage payment

Need a More Advanced Mortgage Calculator?

Early in the home-buying process, you may want to know how much you can afford and get the information fast. In this case, our simple mortgage affordability calculator is your best option.

However, as you start to narrow down your choices, our more advanced mortgage calculator with taxes and insurance becomes a better fit for you.


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