Willful vs Epilogue Wills: Comparison of Legal Online Will Creation Services in Canada

When it comes to estate planning in Canada, there are a variety of different options available.
One of the most popular is the use of online Will creation platforms, such as Willful and Epilogue Wills.

Both are great options for Canadians looking to create a legally binding Will, but how do they compare?

In this article, I’ll walk you through the similarities and differences between these two popular online Will platforms.

Finally, I’ll provide a decision matrix to help you determine which online Will provider is right for you based on your personal circumstances.

Quick Comparison: Epilogue Wills vs Willful

Epilogue WillsWillful
Best for:Lawyer-Quality DocumentsUser Experience
AvailabilityAvailable in 9 Canadian provinces:
Ontario (ON)
British Columbia (BC)
Alberta (AB)
Manitoba (MB)
Nova Scotia (NS)
New Brunswick (NB)
Saskatchewan (SK)
Prince Edward Island (PEI)
Newfoundland (NL)
Available in 8 Canadian provinces:
Ontario (ON)
British Columbia (BC)
Alberta (AB)
Manitoba (MB)
Nova Scotia (NS)
New Brunswick (NB)
Saskatchewan (SK)
Quebec (QC)
Plans Offered Last Will and Testament
Power of Attorney
Last Will and Testament
Power of Attorney
Basic Coverage – Will Only (for individuals):N/A$99
Premium Coverage – Will Only (for individuals):$139N/A
Premium Coverage – Will & Power of Attorney (for individuals):$199$189
Premium Coverage – Will Only (for couples or two adults):$269N/A
Premium Coverage – Will & Power of Attorney (for couples or two adults):$329$329*
Option to Name a Trust Company as Executor?✅ Yes❌ No
Option to Add RESP to Your Will?✅ Yes❌ No
Free Affidavit of Execution ($40 value)?✅ Yes✅ Yes
Free Updates?✅ Unlimited, Lifetime update⛔️ Unlimited, for 90 days only**. An additional membership fee of $19/year per adult for easy unlimited updates. Cancel anytime.
Free Social Media Will✅ Yes❌ No
Promo Code✅ Get $20 off
Use promo code THEFINANCEKEY20
✅ Get 15% discount
Use the special link below (no promo code is required) ⤵
Get Started →Go to Epilogue WillsGo to Willful

* With Willful’s “Premium Coverage – Will & Power of Attorney (for couples or two adults)” plan, also known as “Premium Coverage For Families”, you have the option to purchase up to 6 plans. This is ideal for anyone who wants to purchase Wills for up to 6 adults. You will pay $329 for the first two adults and subsequently $164.50 per additional adult, up to 6.

** All customers that purchased a Willful plan before May 1, 2023, will continue to enjoy free, unlimited lifetime updates.
On the other hand, as of May 1, 2023, all Willful plans include easy, unlimited updates, free for 90 days. After 90 days, customers will need a Willful membership to access and update their estate planning documents.

In-Depth Review: Willful vs Epilogue Wills

Online Wills are becoming increasingly popular in Canada, and consumers have far more alternatives than ever before.

Willful and Epilogue are two of the most popular choices.

Both provide simple websites that can create a legally binding Will in about 20 minutes. They both offer free, unlimited Will updates.

Unique Features of Willful vs Epilogue

Epilogue distinguishes itself by being the only online Will platform in Canada that has the option of including your Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) in your Will.

Furthermore, Epilogue Wills is currently the only online Will platform in Canada that gives you the option to name a professional trust company (RBC Royal Trust) as the executor of your Will. You don’t need to be an existing client of RBC to access this feature, making this accessible and easy for all Canadians.

Willful provides a unique Family Plan option, which allows up to six individuals to execute a complete Will with power of attorney and a living will for considerably less money.

Additionally, Willful has an annual membership plan that comes with the following benefits:

  • Free annual estate plan reminder and checkup
  • On-demand consultation with Willful’s estate planning expert
  • Easy, unlimited updates, anytime
  • One (1) Canada Will Registry code to register updated documents ($40 value)

Willful’s membership costs $19 per year and may be cancelled anytime.

Epilogue Wills vs Willful: Availability

Epilogue Wills is available in all English-speaking provinces in Canada – Ontario (ON), British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Manitoba (MB), Saskatchewan (SK), Nova Scotia (NS), Prince Edward Island (PEI), New Brunswick (NB) and Newfoundland (NFLD) – but is not available in Quebec.

Willful, on the other hand, is available in eight (8) Canadian provinces – Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Quebec.

Epilogue Wills Cost vs Willful Wills Cost

Willful and Epilogue provide their services at varying price points.

Epilogue’s basic package costs $139 (or $269 for a couple), whereas Willful’s standalone Will is $99 (Willful does not offer a basic plan for couples).

The Epilogue Estate Plan Package, which includes a Will and a power of attorney for property and health care, costs $199 ($329 for a couple). Willful costs $189 for an estate planning bundle with a living Will or $329 if you go with the family plan.

More on Epilogue Wills vs Willful

The fact that Epilogue is the only online Will maker in the country founded and run by experienced estate lawyers earns it bonus points.

Epilogue’s documentation is extremely thorough and detailed due to the fact that it was written by expert estate attorneys. Epilogue also offers a rich Learn Center with a wealth of knowledge on everything you want to know about Wills.

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Decision Matrix: Comparing Willful and Epilogue Wills – Which is the Best?

Still not sure whether to create your Will online with Willful or Epilogue Wills?

Here’s a decision matrix that may help you evaluate and select the best option between Willful and Epilogue based on your personal circumstances:

If you…WillfulEpilogue Wills
Are an individual that wants to create only a basic Will and cost matters most
Are an individual that wants to create a comprehensive Will and having a complete end-to-end service matters most
Are a couple, and cost matters most when it comes to creating a Will
Are a couple (or two adults) and want to add up to 6 people to your online Will plan
Are a couple who have mirrored wishes
Are a couple who do not have mirrored wishes
Are a couple and want individual logins, complete control and privacy over your own account and decisions
Want to add your pet to your Will
Want to create a Will and Power of Attorney that is more “future-proof”
Have RESP that you want to include in your Will
Want to name a professional trust company (RBC Royal Trust) as the executor of your Will
Want the best User Experience
Want to pay once and get free updates for life
Want Free Affidavit of Execution with your Will
Want Free Social Media Will to help protect your social media and online legacy
Want your legal documents to be printed and mailed straight to you
Ease of use matters most to you when it comes to creating a Will
Get Started →Go to WillfulGo to Epilogue

Which online Will maker is right for you really depends on your individual situation.

However, with this information in mind, hopefully, now it’s easier than ever before for you to make an informed decision about which online Will creation platform best fits your needs!

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FAQs: Epilogue Wills vs Willful – Online Will Service

Are Epilogue Wills legal in Canada?

Epilogue is a trusted online estate planning service that creates Wills and power of attorney documents, which are 100% legally binding under Canadian law.

It was founded by two renowned Canadian professional estate lawyers with extensive experience in the field who understand the practical and legal complexities of estate planning.

The best part? Creating an Epilogue Will doesn’t require a lawyer – so you can get everything sorted quickly, easily and legally!

Is Willful reputable?

Yes, Willful is a reputable online Will company. They have the approval of the Law Society of Ontario’s Access to Innovation (A2I), which is no small feat.

Further, their platform and Will templates are developed with assistance from experienced lawyers licensed in all relevant provinces; you can be certain that you’re getting the best quality estate planning documents when using Willful.

If you’re looking for an efficient and user-friendly way to create your Will, I would highly recommend Willful as a reliable choice!

Are Epilogue Wills good?

Epilogue Wills is an excellent choice if you’re an individual or a couple in search of a relatively easy, straightforward way to document your last Will and testament, as well as to assign a Power of Attorney.

With Epilogue’s founders’ countless years of real-world experience in the estate planning industry, Epilogue Wills offers unparalleled trust and assurance that other online Will platforms cannot match.

Rest assured with their reliable online Will writing services, you can make sure your wishes are respected and carried out.

Is Epilogue Wills the same as Willful?

Epilogue Wills and Willful are two distinct platforms offering estate planning services. While both provide options tailored to individuals and couples, the services they offer do vary slightly.

Specifically, Epilogue Wills offers two plans while Willful has three. Willful’s top-tier plan – Premium Coverage for Families – is ideal for households of large sizes that require more than just two Wills.

Ultimately, these companies differ in terms of their options and available services, so it’s important to do your research before deciding on an estate planning platform. Learn More →

How do I find out if someone has a Will in Canada?

If you’re looking to find out if someone has a Will in Canada, the best place to start is with the estates department at the Superior Court of Justice in the location where the testator lived. Here is where people can deposit their Will for safekeeping before their passing.

The court will be able to help you confirm whether or not the document was deposited and provide you with instructions for accessing it.

You’ll need some basic information about the deceased, such as date of death, full name and date of birth, but once that’s provided, then you’ll be one step closer to obtaining a copy of that person’s last testament.

Conclusion: Willful vs Epilogue Wills, Canada

Creating an effective estate plan can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have experience in this area.

Thankfully, online Will creation platforms like Willful and Epilogue Wills make it much easier for Canadian residents to create a legally binding will without having to hire expensive lawyers or go through complicated paperwork processes.

Whether you prefer the simplicity of Willful or the unique features offered by Epilogue Wills, both services provide useful tools that can help make your estate planning process easier and more efficient.

Start your Will NOW!

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Take care of your loved ones and give them the peace of mind they deserve.


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